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Hi, I'm Luke

Enabling others to thrive by making their technology and workflows excellent is my passion

Modern technology has the potential to make life more fruitful and free up time

Over the past 7 years as an IT consultant and computer technician I’ve seen how technology and workflows, when setup with the right stuff in the right way, really can and do make the user’s life more fruitful, enjoyable, and free up time. It’s amazing how much time gets gobbled up by slow and malfunctioning technology. It’s also amazing how simple some of the solutions can be and how fruitful their results are. 

about me

Hello, if you want to read a quick “about” section about the author of this website, this is the spot to do it. 🙂 

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What I do for work

Here’s where I’ll share how I serve people at work.

Here’s where I work:

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And so on…


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